The Best Places To Go For A Hot Holiday At Christmas

If you are feeling the chill setting in, it’s not too late to ditch the Christmas turkey and go on a hot sunny break instead. Here are the top destinations to travel to this December!


Cape Town Image by Ganossi CC0

Cape Town

Temperatures average a daily maximum of 19.8 °C with just 15 mm of rain, and an average of 11 hours of sunshine each day. The climate is very much like the Med, so you’ll be in for a treat if you like a good wine, as the place is home to some fantastic vineyards!


Expect temperatures to reach 21.9 °C during the day with around 6 hours of sunshine. Due to its flat landscape, Lanzarote has lower rainfall rates than the other Canary Islands, so you’ll probably stay nice and dry. The island is well known for lunar-like volcanic landscapes, so if you like holidays that have a touch of surreal, this is the place for you!


This is a popular place for sun seekers during the Christmas period, with temperatures reaching a very pleasant 22.2 °C, during a 6 hour sunshiny day. Note that during winter it is wetter on the north side of the island. While the beaches draw crowds, it is the night sky that is truly impressive here. Teide National Park has been recognised as one of the best star gazing sites on the planet due to its close proximity to the equator and low levels of light pollution!


Melbourne Image by DroneUAVWorld CC0


The beginning of the summer sees temperatures reaching a toasty 25.5 °C with 8 hours of sunshine each day. It’s one of the driest cities in Oz, but during December the weather can be unpredictable, so at least pack a waterproof poncho. Melbourne is a cultural hub of wonder, so if you like a hipster vibe, damn good coffee and a destination teeming with art and design –this is the hot holiday for you

Cape Verde

Temperatures are dropping here at this time of year, to a much more acceptable average of 26.4 °C! Humidity is high, but the coastal breezes make it more than bearable. The main reason to head to Cape Verde at this time of year is for the beaches. Miles upon miles of golden sands and turquoise seas bordered by lush tropical landscapes.

Hot Hot Hottest!

Barbados Image by PublicDomainPictures CC0


It’s hot all year round in Barbados, but in December you can enjoy the searing average temperature of 29.6 °C without the humidity, plus this season brings with it a nice breeze from the north-east trade winds. It does rain quite a bit – 112mm – but showers are short. Barbados is the birthplace of Rum, which goes really well with sun, and fun. If you like your sun, fun, and rum best on a white sandy beach or luxury yacht, then this is definitely the break for you!


Could there be such a thing as too hot? Cancun can get very very hot, (reaching an incredible 37.5 °C in May), so December is an ideal time to visit with temperatures at a hot but bearable, 30.4 °C and rainfall at an average of 38 mm. The place is practically paradise with ivory beaches and sun-kissed seas, enticing divers, surfers, swimmers, and snorkelers as well as sun-worshippers.

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