5 Of The Best Places To Spend Halloween

1. Mexico

Image by AndyG CC0

In Mexico, Halloween is for the kids, and greatly overshadowed by the Day of the Dead, which falls on 02nd November. This celebration however is just bursting with colour and excitement, which probably makes it the best destination in the world at this time of the year.

What is Day of the Dead?

Day of the Dead is an annual gathering in Mexico where people come together to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed away. Streets are packed with lavishly decorated market stalls selling lavishly decorated goods such as sugar skulls and ornaments for altars, there are parades of people dressed in costumes, with skulls painted on their faces; and amongst all that you’ll also find street vendors selling delicious foods, and altars where revellers can pay their respects.

2. Amsterdam

Image by Chase Elliott Clark CC BY 2.0

The Halloween Festival Amsterdam is a whopping three-day event, so even if you didn’t dress up as a zombie for Halloween, you might well look like one by the end of the festivities! Costume parties, all night horror film marathons, and gory makeup workshops are just some of the major events happening during the festival.

3. New Orleans

Image by Infrogmation CC BY 2.0 CC

They know how to party in New Orleans, and Halloween celebrations are no exception. The New Orleans Halloween Parade is second only to the famed Mardi Gras for dressing up street party fun for all ages. Celebrations are preceded by ghost tours, and visitors can get into the feel of the night by visiting any of the many voodoo shops that can be found in the city for some extra spooky fun!


Did you know? New Orleans is regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the whole of the US!


4. Barcelona

Image by Leon F. Cabeiro CC BY 2.0

This is another city well known for its party atmosphere! Among the many fiestas that happen throughout the year here you’ll find La Castanyada around Halloween. It is a popular All Saints’ Day festival celebrated throughout Spain, and it translates as chestnut time! As such, amongst the festivities you’ll find plenty of roast chestnuts being served alongside sweet potatoes, almond cakes, and sweet wine!

5. Bratislava

Image by Fotomek CC0

The Slovakian city of Bratislava has gained a reputation of having the most frightening Halloween celebrations in the world! Pubs, Clubs and bars all get in on the action turning the entire city into one big spooky party. Hotels also offer fright nights for guests, so make sure you book ahead if you want to spend Halloween here.

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