5 Trips To Do With Your Kids Before They Are 10

They’re only young once – so make sure you give your kids a taste of adventure, and fabulous memories by completing this awesome list of trips before they are 10 years old.

Disneyland Florida

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The US Disney resort is almost guaranteed to have great weather, and it has plenty to keep guests of all ages occupied on a holiday lasting 2 or 3 weeks – the perfect recipe for a family trip of a lifetime! Disneyland Florida isn’t just about rides, so it is suitable for children of all ages. Parents who have been say that children as little as 3 years old remember the trip, and that by the age of 10, they should be big enough to enjoy all the rides.


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This has to be the festive trip of any child’s dreams – heading to Lapland to see Santa! Snow, sleigh rides, reindeer, and a private audience with Father Christmas himself… probably the best Christmas present any child under the age of 10 can imagine! There is also a chance that you’ll get to see the Northern Lights, one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world.

Tip: Make sure your insurance covers you for winter sports so you and your kids can enjoy skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling on your holiday!

South African Safari

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Safari holidays are a great option for kids of 8 years and over as they are better able to appreciate the culture, and understand what a privileged experience it is to be so close to endangered species. If malaria is a concern, and you don’t want your children to have to take anti-malaria tablets, you should consider Tswalu, a malaria-free private game reserve protecting wild-dogs, cheetah, black-maned lions, and desert black rhino in its 110,000 hectares of spectacular grasslands and mountains.

Yellowstone Park

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What child wouldn’t be impressed by geysers, stinky mud pots, and multi-coloured hot springs? Yellowstone National Park is home to Old Faithful, a geyser that shoots steam up to 184ft high on average every 90 minutes – the most regular eruption in the park! It’s also a great place to spot wildlife – bison, elk, bears, wolves and Bighorn Sheep are all residents in this protected space.


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Sun, sea, and sand – a parent’s paradise for sure, but what about the kids? Well, the Maldives is currently promoting a family-friendly approach to holidays with inspiring and imaginative kids activities available at kids clubs. This means that parents can enjoy the tranquility of meditation, yoga, massage and spas while the kids investigate the incredible wildlife and landscapes that surround them, play music, get creative, or indulge in their own yoga and spa sessions! Most child-friendly resorts cater for the 0 – 8 age group.

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