Top 5 Cities In The World For Skateboarding

If skateboarding is your passion, then you’d probably choose a holiday destination where your board will have a fun time too. We caught up with some people who live to skate to find out where in the world you should go with your skateboard… and why! Here’s our top 5.

By Evan Brant, from Grind For Life 2014 @ NSB Skatepark

By Evan Brant, from Grind For Life 2014 @ NSB Skatepark

5: Seoul, South Korea – Street skating is still quite novel here, and people are generally keen to watch boarders. Take to the streets in Seoul and you are likely to attract a crowd of curious onlookers rather than a mob of angry locals.


4: Barcelona… just because it looks like it would be awesome to skate, there are beautiful places suitable for skateboarding everywhere. After you’ve had your fill of tapas, check out Barcelona Skate Spots for info on where to skate in this beautiful beachside city. Alternatively, you could head to Amigos skate shop to get some insider knowledge!

SKATE Barcelona with Jesus Fernandez Pt. 1

3: New York City – There are plenty of skate parks, street spots, and all in all it is “pretty awesome” from a boarder’s point of view. Plus the big apple is synonymous with 24 hour fun, frivolity and well, lots of likeminded people. Check out to find out what’s on, when and where.

2: Dubai – There is a growing scene in Dubai, and because this prestigious destination is pretty much perfect everywhere, you are guaranteed a very smooth skating experience. We Are Blood, a film that celebrates the universal bond of skateboarding, shows it in its fullest glory. There may only be two skate shops in Dubai, but a visit to Rage is a must as it has a bowl above the shop. Apparently you’ll find it located in a mall by the Burj Khalifa. Also check out the Business Bay skate park. While the locals seem to accept skaters, it might be wise to stop when the Muslim call to prayer comes on, so as to not be intrusive with noise.

1: Tokyo – According to one skater who lives here there are more street spots than could possibly be mentioned, a fair amount of parks, and lots of really friendly local skaters. While he says that his local park isn’t what he’d call awesome, we think it looks pretty good, plus it has a great view of the Tokyo skyline, but the info that seals the deal for us is that fact there is a giant robot out the front. Check out H.L.N.A. Skatepark Vol.1 on Vimeo to see for yourself! cover many sports and activities, some are included automatically within the Travel Insurance such as recreational skateboarding, others need to be added when you are buying your policy online, for example skateboarding with stunts or competitive skateboarding. Check out the comprehensive list of sports and activities covered under the wintersports policy.

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