15 Best Places On The Planet To Visit For Pancakes

Pancake Day is on 17th Feb, so we have found the top destinations where the best crepes, pancakes, and generally round flat batters are on the menu around the world (even if they are not celebrating Pancake Day).

15: Ethiopia – Injera

This pancake-esque treat is more of a spongy flatbread than a pancake, but it cleverly doubles as a plate in Ethiopian cuisine.

14: Columbia  – Capachas

These pancakes are made with a corn batter, filled with a fresh melted cheese filling, and folded over before serving.

13: India – Dosa

A staple side dish served with chutney. The pancake is made with from rice and lent flour, and is sometimes stuffed with meat and veg too.

12: Germany – Pfannkuchen

Thin savoury cakes of flour that can be served in numerous ways such as filled with fruit and nuts. You’ll also find them served with soups.

11: Mexico – Mexican Hotcakes

These are thick and fluffy, very similar to the American pancake dream, but made with cinnamon every time.

10: Malaysia – Apam Balik

AKA Malaysian Peanut Pancakes. These pancakes are made with a rice flour blend and stuffed to the brim with a sweet peanut filling

09: Vietnam – Bánh xèo

A tasty savoury treat, made from a rice batter loaded with turmeric. The traditional filling is a mix of pork, shrimp, green onions, and bean sprouts.

08: Greece – Tiganites

Wafer thin batter made to a recipe you’ll be familiar with, but in Greece they like to serve their tiganites topped with honey, cinnamon, and yogurt.

07: Russia – Blintzes

These thin pancakes are also known as blini, and can be stuffed with any sweet or savoury concoction – potatoes, raisins, caviar, sour cream – you name it, it goes in!

06: Netherlands – Pannenkoek

Big thin pancakes that can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings. Very much like our UK recipe, great with bacon and cheese, or topped with a sugary syrup.

05: Australia – Pikelets

Tiny but thick pancakes, quite similar to a drop scone – probably why you’ll find them served in the afternoon with jam and cream.

04: USA – American Pancakes

The fame of these pancakes is less about the batter and more about the array of fillings. Cook it up with choc chips, blueberries, top it with syrup and serve it with bacon and eggs!

03: France – Crêpes

Sophisticated, wafer-thin, and better for your waistline than most pancakes! Fill with spinach and cheese, or cover with chocolate spread and sliced banana.

02: Canada – Buttermilk Pancakes

It’s all about the pure Canadian syrup with these beasts, and the secret batter ingredient… baking powder. The result is thick, fluffy pancakes, perfect with butter and syrup of course!

01: England – Pancakes

Neither paper-thin or thick and fluffy, but perfectly primed for a traditional lemon and sugar topping. Is it this innocuous treat that leads the British to use 22 million* more eggs on Pancake Day than any other day of the year?

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