New Year Detox Retreats for a New You!

New Year Detox Retreats

Happy New Year! Now all the fun and festivities are over, it is a chance to be indulgent in another way! How about a trip to a luxury detox retreat? 

A detox doesn’t have to be about sacrifice, in fact the thought of sipping mocktails and having a deep tissue massage in the sun sounds like a treat! Here is our selection of top destinations where you can unwind and get back into shape without feeling like you have sacrificed a thing.

38 Degrees North Detox – Ibiza

A far cry from the parties that this island is known for, this detox holiday will help you refocus your mind and cleanse your body. Following a 6 day programme, you’ll be given freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices with added superfood ingredients and the use of the spa. There are yoga and pilates classes available to attend, alternatively you can sit back and relax to the max. There is a selection of spa treatments included in the price, and additional treatments can be booked prior to arrival.

Shanti Maurice Detox – Mauritius

As if the location in itself isn’t indulgent enough! When combined with a week long programme of wellbeing treats, Mauritius is a dream detox destination. There are several packages available that offer yoga, meditation, powerwalking, aquafit, kayaking and snorkelling amongst many activities on offer. Treatments include Swedish massage, Africology anti-oxidant facial, Coffee & mint wrap and Inkomfi renewal.

Yoga Detox in the – Himalayas

To allow residents to detox in the most natural way possible, the Ananda provides a range of programmes that combine a variety of yoga practices including yogic breathing techniques. Packages can be booked for 7,14 or 21 nights and promise to give ‘profound experiences of visualisation and harmony’, the intensities of which increase with the duration of the stay.  However long you choose to indulge in all things yoga, the location promises to provide an idyllic backdrop to an asana or two, and also deliver a much needed breath of fresh air – essential on a detox programme.

Mind Body and Soul Detox – Canada

At Grail Springs wellness centre, you’ll find amazing scenery, luxurious accommodation, excellent nutritionists, life coaches, fitness gurus and a selection of activities that promise to revitalise every element of your being. From fresh juices and specially prepared nutritional menus to yoga fitness, meditation and spiritual coaching Grail Springs promises a completely holistic approach to a detox. Guests can also enjoy a variety of traditional spa treatments, and there are also a number of workshops offered on a regular basis. This is one detox holiday that is a guaranteed life changer!


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