Are You Crazy? Coasteering Guide for the Staycation Generation

 You don’t have to head to foreign climes to get your fix of adrenaline! Nope, here in the UK we are blessed with a wonderful coastline that is perfect for one crazy sport – Coasteering! If you fancy getting your feet wet, but think leaping of a cliff is more fun than paddling, check out our guide to Coasteering in the UK (and a great Go Provideo of some folks having fun on the Isle of Man!)

What is it?
It is a way of getting back to nature – quite simply by traversing the coastline at sea level, getting in the water and out again as the rugged terrain dictates. The extreme bit is actually optional, you don’t have to choose a course that requires climbing a cliff face and jumping into the water – but, that to be honest is what attracts adrenaline junkies to this sport!

Coasteering on the Isle Of Man Filmed on a Go Pro HD3 Courtesy of Nick Shimmin

Who would enjoy it?
Anyone with a sense of adventure, who likes a dip in the sea and getting up close and personal with the natural world. The views are guaranteed to be amazing, you don’t have to be a super-strong swimmer, or be able to scale a cliff face like Spiderman.

What do you need?
Most places will have all the equipment you need for taking part – this includes:
Buoyancy aid
Trainers or thick-soled wetsuit boots

How do I get started?
Sign up to one of the many accredited Coasteering providers that base themselves around the best locations on the country! You can go on an all day adventure, or just try it out for a couple of hours.

Where are the best places to go?
Well, the lovely bunch in the video we found chose the Isle of Man. Other places renowned for attracting a Coasteering crowd include:

  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Wales
  • West Scotland

If you are new to Coasteering ALWAYS make sure you go with an accredited and insured guide. If you are an extreme sports junky, with many moons of experience under your belt – how about you check out our Wintersports Insurance Policy, it covers everything from shark diving to glacier walking!

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