How to Travel on the Cheap

Top 20 tips for travelling around the world on a shoe string by Graham Hughes – A fun packed and informative must-see Vlog for anyone about to go travelling!

Find out how to get free drinks, free beds and cheap food – plus find out essential hints and tips for keeping your costs down whilst travelling around the world!




20: Avoid expensive countries – not as much of a no brainer as you’d think

19. Travel light – resist the pre-trip shopping spree

18.  Get a decent guidebook – it will save you a fortune

17. Bring a laptop. – sounds counterproductive to travelling light, but…

16. Unlock your mobile phone – fast track to cheaper phone calls

15. Get decent travel insurance – oh, we happen to have some really great travel insurance options!

14.  Bring a debit card – but not a credit card

13.  Look for mega cheap flights – it is possible to get to Oz and back for 600 quid!

12. Be creative – lots of great cheap n easy tips

11. Blag a student card – or just blag

10. Go overland – ditch the air travel to cut costs

9. Sneak in – or go in the ‘free’ ways

8. Have a good story – (to blag free stuff) or learn some card tricks

7. Eat street food – and don’t be ashamed to do fast food joints

6. Drink with the locals – learn to love the moonshine

5. Avoid countries that demand visas – UK passport holders have a choice of over 100 countries

4. Bargain, and Bargain hard – how to Haggle

3. Don’t get ill – get your jabs, -plus good tip for really cheap malaria tablets from your GP

2. No souvenirs!

1. Couch Surfing – the number one way to make friends and save money!

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