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After the recent media hype surrounding iOS6 and the map fail, we thought it would be fitting to review the map app TouristEye this month. Without giving too much away too early, it is available for Android as well as products running iOS6 – and the performance between the two platforms is drastically different. Place your bets on what works best now – answers at the end of the post!

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What is TouristEye?

TouristEye is a travel guide for the globe with Offline maps and helpful information about city tours and transport. The great thing is that you can download your trip and access everything offline, avoiding costly roaming charges from your service provider. As well as being able to plan your itinerary and route day by day you can also use the app as a travel journal by adding notes and photos, you can also add photos from other people travelling with you.

Additional features

This clever little app learns what you like, so when you complete your passport with destinations, TouristEye will make recommendations for upcoming trips based on your past personal preferences.

What the reviews say

To be fair, the data available through the iTunes store is small, but the stats do not look good. On Android however, we have quotes like ‘super clean app’, ‘a must for travellers’ and ‘awesome’. This is balanced out with a few comments about crashing though, so it is wise to see which comments your handset corresponds with! Conclusion? If you are travelling, at least with an Android phone you can use Google Maps if you get stuck!


Google Play TouristEye Reviews

touristeye reviews android

iTunes TouristEye Reviews

touristeye reviews itunes

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