Living The Adventure While Life Is On Pause

Don’t stop dreaming! A positive outlook and having future travel plans in place are ways to get through these challenging times; and while no one knows what worldwide travel will look like in a few months time, there is nothing wrong with keeping our hopes high and planning ahead anyway.

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1. Make a meaningful destination wishlist

It is likely that access to affordable travel will be reduced even when we are all allowed to travel freely between countries. As such, make your wishlist a meaningful one – a weekend museum trip to Milan may well be superseded by a hike up Kilimanjaro, even if it means you won’t travel as soon as you are able.

2. See longstay travel adventures as the new eco-option

With fewer planes in the skies, and less traffic on the roads it has been noted that the air is cleaner and that the planet may be happier. Now is the time to embrace lower carbon travel so we can keep these benefits. Taking the slow way on an extended trip to a dream location is by no means a bad thing, especially if you choose to do the bulk of your travel by rail – and think of all the places you get to visit en route!

3. Altruistic adventures make a “holiday” more purposeful

Whether you sign up for a charity fundraising adventure holiday, or you plan to go abroad as a project volunteer – taking the altruistic approach may well give your break abroad more purpose. Not only do you get to enjoy the delights of a dream destination, you also get to support a good cause while you do it.

Be More Keanu Turtle Sanctuary Image by Kerry McCarthy CC0

Image by Kerry McCarthy CC0

4. Get planning to keep motivated

Get the ball rolling so you know what you need to do when the time comes. You could plot routes, make itineraries, create a packing list, work out a budget, make a savings plan, find out what visas and vaccinations you need and even start getting fit if your adventure requires it. Start doing all these things now, and you will be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime when the time comes.

5. Do your research

There has been no better time to read books, watch documentaries and consume travel blogs and vlogs about your chosen destination and activities. Indulge your heart and your mind with the possibilities that await and it really will feel like you are living the adventure even though life is currently on pause.

Your travel adventures, whenever they happen will require travel insurance – while you may not need to purchase a policy right now, we are still open for business and ready to provide the right cover – wherever they are!

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