The Quick Nepal Travel Guide

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What to do in Nepal

You have to immerse yourself in the great outdoors! Nepal is the place to go for accessible hiking experiences, with trails that always end with somewhere warm and welcoming to stay, warm up, or just enjoy something to eat and drink.  Mountaineering, white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning and paragliding are just some of the amazing outdoor activities that you can indulge in with arguably the most spectacular views in the world.

It is also a well known destination for those seeking a spiritual experience – with many retreats nestled away in the mountains. Yoga, meditation, and pranayama are made all the more special with clean mountain air and breath-taking views!

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What to see in Nepal

Apart from the incredible landscape – which includes mountains, jungles, and rivers – make time to see and experience the temples, markets, towns, medieval cities and sacred sites of Nepal. This country is an amazing place to go if you are travelling independently and is well known as a back-packers paradise.  Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Thamel and Pokhara should all be on your itinerary – but be warned – there is a lot to see and do in Nepal, chances are you’ll discover that another visit (or three) is needed to fit everything in!

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What to eat in Nepal

Dal Bat is the food of choice in Nepal – a selection of typically vegetarian curry dishes with rice. It is often served for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. Sel Roti is a tasty deep-fried street snack, great for filling up en-route, or try it for breakfast dipped in yoghurt! Samosas and Momos (a type of steamed dumpling) are also popular, along with a lot of very tasty looking deep-fried treats – usually sold by street vendors. Make sure to go to a vendor that is busy with local customers as the food will be at its freshest and best – and avoid buying from places that look like the food has been sitting out.

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Best time to go to Nepal

Late September to late November is the best time to go to Nepal. The monsoon rains have cleared away bugs, dust, and the stifling hot humid weather of summer. It is also the busiest time in Nepal – so expect prices to be higher and for many, many more tourists out trekking and sight-seeing!  February to April is the second tourist season, the weather is a bit warmer and the days are longer, and it is the best time if you are going for the wildlife! Visibility is reduced by hazy weather – so views are possibly less spectacular.

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Money in Nepal

It is possible to get by in Nepal on less than £30 a day. Pounds, Dollars and Euros are accepted everywhere in Nepal, but should you wish to have some local currency it is wise to get your Nepalese rupees at a money exchange or bank in cities such as Kathmandu or Pokhara. Expect taxi drivers and rickshaw drivers to round-up and note that guides and porters generally expect a 10%-15% tip for their services. Haggling is common in markets, but keep it polite. Tips are not expected in restaurants, but are of course welcomed!

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