How To Have The Perfect Romantic Break

Love by zelah_w CC BY-ND 2.0

Love by zelah_w CC BY-ND 2.0

Go Somewhere New

That means don’t book a break to a place that either of you went with an ex. A really romantic break is about making new memories that belong to only the two of you!

Keep It Short

The secret to getting on fabulously is to keep your romantic trip short. Any more than a long weekend, and you are upping your chances of spending too much time together and having a disagreement about something.

Book Somewhere That Is Beautiful ToYOU

Do you like the idea of a penthouse suite overlooking a city skyline? Or prefer the idea of a boutique shack for two on an empty beach? Or maybe a cosy B&B on the Pennines is a more appealing proposition! A picture of perfection is different for every couple, so before you book, make sure you are planning to stay somewhere that suits you.

Try New Things

Whether it is a new type of food, sport, art, craft, pastime or indulgence, the excitement and exhilaration of a new experience, shared with your loved one, will add to the overall romance of your break.

Splash Out On Something Special

Even if you like to “keep it simple”, plan at a least one fabulous indulgence as part of your break. One of the most luxurious and romantic ideas we could think of was to hire a private jet! Not only will this remove the stress and strain of airport travel from your break (thereby maximising fluffy feelings of love) it can be a totally romantic indulgence in itself. Private jet hire companies offer bespoke in-flight services where you get to choose your favourite music, wine, and fine dining menu en-route to your destination. If you opt for a long-haul private flight on a large jet there will be a  private bedroom and bathroom, so it will be just like staying in a luxury hotel!


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