Christmas Gift Guide – Top 10 Travel Gifts For Xmas 2015

Set Of Three Adventure Travel Bags-£17.001. Set Of Three Adventure Travel Bags. Emblazoned with inspiring travel quotes these bring a certain sense of adventure to even the most mundane of trips – ideal for the business traveller in your life? £17.00 by The Contemporary Home at

Handpresso Wild Travel Case (with Handpresso Coffee Maker and Cup)

2. Handpresso Wild. When combined with a Handpresso coffee maker and cup, the Handpresso Wild Travel Case is a high-end gift for high-flying globetrotters who know their beans from their standard brews. £17.66 for the case, £85.65 for coffee maker at


luckies_Undercover Tablet Sleeve

3. Undercover Tablet Sleeve. This is the perfect present for a traveller who is going places where you can’t be seen to flash your cash. Disguised as a simple brown envelope, no one will be aware of the tablet safe inside. Writable, water and tear proof. £14.95 at


cuckooland_Orla Kiely Oval Flower Wash Bag

4. Orla Kiely Oval Flower Wash Bag. Iconic, and totally practical – a rare combination in luxurious goods. With three handy mesh compartments and a hanging hook, this is a mobile beauty salon in a bag! £34.00 at


 5. Lulu Mayan Round Beach Towel. This quirky addition to the beach bag will suit a Boho babe who likes to stand out on the beach. Made from super soft cotton, with hand drawn tribal design, it doubles up perfectly as a wrap too.£55.00 at


Batman Travel Mug

6. Batman Travel Mug. The coolest way to keep a drink hot while you are on the go. Ideal for the demure traveller who may well be a caped crusader by night! £9.95 at


cuckooland_cork globe

7.Cork Globe. As far as novelty gifts go, this one is pretty cool. We’d advise getting more pins in another colour so your recipient can tag where they want to go, and have fun swapping pins and seeing their travel dreams come true! £99.95 by Suck UK at


cuckooland_Helsinki Wireless Speaker


 8. Helsinki Wireless Speaker. Destined for only the poshest of travel luggage, this portable wireless speaker is the very essence of sophistication and style. The gift of the season for anyone who frequents Six Star luxury hotels and super yachts. £299.00 at


luckies_Luggage Labels Stickers

 9. Luggage Labels Stickers. These stickers are so retro it hurts. Slap ‘em on a Cambridge Satchel, or an old vintage suitcase to get “the look”. Ideal if you have a shoestring budget this Christmas. £11.50 at


whitestuff_rolling stone water bottle

10. Rolling Stones Water Bottle. The top gift for the wandering star in your life – we can only hope that they come home over the festive period so you can give them this super-cool gift! £22.50 at

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