Top 10 Ways to Beat The Fear Of Flying

If you long for adventure, but you are fearful of taking to the skies, read on! We share some top tips to overcome your fear of flying!

1 – Hypnotherapy

A tried and tested method to help people take to the skies with ease. Hypnotherapy can teach deep relaxation, and encourage new patterns of behaviour – together a recipe for success!

2 – Airline flying with confidence courses

Many airlines now offer special courses that help people overcome flight anxiety. They usually involve coaching from a Captain and Psychologist, followed by a couple of flights and on-going support if needed.

3 – Familiarise yourself with planes

Find out how aeroplanes work, and understand why they are the safest form of travel. Facts like these will help you rationalise your fear, and lead to an anxiety-free experience.

4 – Know what to expect during a flight

Turbulence is normal, as are strange noises. Make yourself familiar with what to expect when you are on board. The Flying Without Fear website has a great page about noises on an aeroplane.

5 – Get to the airport early

If you are in a rush, you are more likely to feel anxious. Get up early, arrive early and get accustomed to the new ambience, it all helps to reduce fear.

6 – Talk to the crew

Meeting the people in charge of your flight can work wonders on the nerves. This is their regular day job, and they will help you feel just as calm as they do!

7 – Medication

Medicating is not an ideal solution, as it does not deal with the real issue. You can get prescription drugs that will calm your nerves, or you could opt for some Dutch courage… but never mix the two! Whatever you do, avoid caffeine, as this is known to increase anxiety levels.

8 – Distraction techniques

Plug in your headphones, read a book, do some crosswords or Sudoku – whatever takes your fancy. By keeping yourself occupied you are less likely to focus on the negative.

9 – Avoid media hype

The media never reports on the hundreds of thousands of flights that go smoothly every day of the year, so pay no attention to the one-off stories that are likely to evoke fear!

10 – Learn to breathe

It may sound silly, but calm, controlled breathing is the fastest way to reduce anxiety and find some inner peace. It is also a great distraction technique. Keep your jaw relaxed, this will also help your shoulders and hands relax, then breathe in for the count of 3, and out for the count of 6. Repeat.

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