Early May Bank Holiday 2015 – Motorist Travel Advice

An early Easter meant that lots of people looking for a long weekend break delayed their travel plans until the Early May bank holiday hoping for better weather. As a result, there will be more people than usual on the roads this bank holiday – here is how to stay clear of the crowds and what to take to prepare for a long journey!

1 – Plan your route effectively

Rather than planning your route quite simply from A to B, find out what roadworks are planned during the Bank Holiday weekend, the longer route may well be faster. The Highways Agency Travel App shows current and planned roadworks, listed by road, region and country as well as delivering up-to-the-minute real-time information about traffic congestion.

2 – Set off early – or late!

Not everyone has time off over the bank holiday, so rush hour traffic still exists. The best bet is to leave well before it starts, or after it has cleared. Bear in mind that lots of people will travel in the morning after the rush, creating a rush of a different sort, and people are more likely to set off in the afternoon than evening to miss the p.m. congestion. Ergo – the best plans are to travel well before breakfast, or after dinner!

3 – Be prepared to change course

Keep an ear out for traffic reports so you can avoid unexpected tailbacks, and have an idea of alternative routes that you could take. Another great way to avoid jams is to use them as an ideal time to get off the road and take a break. Far better to be enjoying a cuppa and some food than sat in traffic for hours!

4 – Pack refreshments

Dehydration can cause fatigue, so make sure you take plenty of water for your journey. Energy drinks are also popular, but beware of the slump that can occur after consuming caffeine and sugar – you might just end up more tired!

5 – Plan a break

This could be a motorway service station, in which case take plenty of cash for food and drink, or it could be a beauty spot along your journey. Choosing the latter will offer a more relaxing break from driving, and will also feel like you are already on holiday, rather than on a long journey trying to get from A to B. It is recommended that drivers take a 20 minute rest every 2.5 hours.

6 – Avoid being the cause of a tailback

Quite simply, get your car serviced, or make sure that your oil, screenwash, coolant, wiper blades and tyres are all as they should be before a long journey. If you are hiring a car, consider taking out car hire excess insurance – just in case.

The Early May Bank Holiday is on Monday 04th May 2015 and the Spring Bank Holiday is on Monday 25th May 2015. 

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