YPlan App Review – Travel App of the Month March 2015

Hot off the virtual press, YPlan promises to be an essential app for the travelling masses that like to do something fun in a new city. So far though, that fun is limited to London, Edinburgh, New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas – but the developers are promising that more locations will be rolled out.

YPlan – What is it?

The YPlan app is an app that tells you what is on where and lets you book your ticket in just two taps! The entertainment experts ensure that there is a curated list of “best stuff on” with the aim of encouraging spontaneity, by removing the need to plan ahead (YPlan… geddit?). The result is a perfect app for travellers. Just landed in a new city and want to experience some culture? This app will tell you where the hottest things are happening.

What does the YPlan app do?

Yplan lists exclusive events for a huge range of interests at the most sought-after venues around. Categories include:  Art, Burlesque, Cabaret, Cinema, Circus, Classical, Clubbing, Comedy, Cooking, Experience, Film, Food & Drink, Happy Hour, Magic, Music, Opera, Pop Up Food, Pub Crawl, Special Event, Sport, Talk, Tasting, Theatre, Tour, Wine Tasting… to list just a few. If you like something, you just tap it to book it.

If you don’t like what the list is offering you, just swipe it away, and next time, the list will be a new more improved personalised version, just for you. Clever huh?

And the tricks don’t stop there… You can even invite your friends to events from the app, and not worry about having to foot the bill for their ticket – Genius, and just what you need if you have met some new travel buddies and you don’t want to be lumbered with their thrifty ways!

YPlan Reviews

Lots of thumbs up from users so far, and a lovely selection of celebrity endorsements…

“YPlan offers a concise list of the best NYC nightlife in one app… genius.” – Pharrell Williams

“Spontaneity app YPlan makes planning ahead so passé.” – Evening Standard

“YPlan – now that’s a seriously good app. Last minute events of all kinds booked in seconds. Damned smart.” – Stephen Fry

“A real contender to Time Out.” – Eva S.

“20 Hot London Startups You Need To Watch” – Mashable

Get it yourself and try it out next time you travel

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