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We’ve all been there – you’re off on your holiday as white as a glass of milk, eager to prove that you do and can tan to anybody on Facebook who might take the time to look! But alas, it’s never the case, and our insatiable need to be a gorgeous gold inevitably ends in sunburn disaster, which not only looks unsightly but is also very bad for your health. Never fear, faithful sun-worshippers, we’re on hand to offer you the best in safe tanning apps.

Coppertone MyUV Alert













MyUV Alert – What Does it Do? 

Essentially, Coppertone MyUV Alert (despite boasting the least catchy title in the history of apps) is an unbelievably smart, health-conscious app that identifies the risks of sunbathing in your particular location and helps you to monitor and manage the situation to avoid any risky behaviour.

Features Include:

  • UV index levels for your current location (and for the precise time you’re using the app, rather than a peak figure for the day)
  • Multiple user profiles
  • General weather updates
  • Advice and guidance on protecting yourself and others from sun damage
  • Helpful reminder system to nudge you about applying sun cream, drinking water etc.

This app is the easy, responsible way to manage sun protection for your whole family, and its interactive nature means that you can tailor it to suit each person who has a profile – because everyone has different skin and different needs.

You can’t put a price on the preservation of your skin and general health, but this app is free anyway so you’d be wise to snap it up whilst you can!

MyUV AlertReviews 

Available for both iPhone and Android users, this app caters for travellers with all sorts of technological  preferences, and owing to its uncomplicated nature it functions well on most devices.

iPhone users have given it a respectable 3.5 out of 5 stars, whilst Android users have remained largely quiet about how useful it has been. This app does, however, feature on a number of respected websites and is a regular name in holiday-based articles, being strongly recommended by sun-health enthusiasts and regular trip-takers. And you know what they say – trust your peers!

Download  Coppertone MyUV Alert

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