Waze Review – Travel App of the Month

What does Waze do?

Waze is a free community based app that gives you access to real-time traffic data contributed by other Waze users. The end result is much better information than you would ever get from Google or Apple map applications – because of its up-to-the-minute accuracy. Simply by having Waze open, users stream valuable data to the entire Waze community.

It can be used globally, and so is perfect for those who plan to drive overseas, whether for business or pleasure.

What are the specific benefits to using Waze?

At its best, Waze makes driving quicker, cheaper and less hassle. Users can report hazards, the presence of police, jams etc., meaning you get the heads up and can change routes if necessary. Waze also enables users to share fuel prices, so you can opt for the cheapest petrol station. Meeting up with other friends or colleagues on the road is also made easy with Waze.

Additional Features

  • Voice guided navigation
  • Automatic route alteration as road conditions change
  • Learns your common destinations, commuting times and preferred routes
  • Navigate to Facebook events with a single touch

Waze App Reviews


Waze’s traffic accuracy was praised by Cnet.com, along with the facts that it doesn’t require sign-up – and it is free. Cnet.com was less keen on the interface and hard-to-find voice command.

Play Reviews

At time of writing rated 4.6 (out of five) on Google Play, Waze has generally good reviews.

Norman BS (five stars): “Top App!!! I am amazed by the traffic information provide by this apps. The only complaint I have, it drained the battery quite fast.”

Daniel Bello (four stars): “Like it most of the time. I use it every day on my commute. Things I don’t like: When a call enters while on Waze, the screen goes black after the call is over. It sends me through a longer toll route when there is some traffic reported when the gain in time is not significant.”

For those who travel a lot by car – whether in the UK or abroad – Waze could be a god-send. It is ideal for those who frequently have a number of possible routes to choose from when driving in the UK. But it is also a great way to stay fully informed whilst driving overseas – when being behind the wheel can be at times stressful. If nothing else, it can help you keep your fuel bills down by identifying the cheapest petrol outlet near you.

Privacy concerns are occasionally mentioned in Waze’s reviews – but these gripes are similar to those inspired by many apps and websites that take in your location data. There have also been complaints about recent updates, and the pop-up ads might be a teensy bit annoying, but we think Waze is still a winner – and best of all, it’s free!

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