Dangerous Holiday Destinations – Should You Still Travel?

Dangerous Destinations – Should You Stay or Should You Go Anyway?

What do you do when disaster strikes your holiday destination – change your travel plans, or go anyway? It is a sensitive question, but one that has faced far too many holidaymakers over the years.

In the event of a natural disaster, or when political turmoil is affecting a country, it makes going on holiday seems a rather frivolous affair and rather less important in the grand scheme of things than it was at first. As such, you might find yourself wondering if it is still right to take that yearned-for vacation.

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If you are facing a moral dilemma like this at the moment – here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before you make your mind up.

Personal Safety

This is a number one priority and it might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but is it safe enough? The best way to find out is to view the official Government site on travel advice. This gives a clear outline of what the dangers are, where they are and whether you should be reconsidering your travel plans. Bear in in mind that travel warnings related to personal safety can affect your travel insurance, so be sure to check with your travel insurance provider before departure if you decide to go.

Unwelcome guests

You also need to ask yourself – will I be welcome at my destination? Some travel experts suggest turning to social media to find out if your hosts will welcome you. Is the country promoting tourism? Are travel companies offering deals? These could be signs that whatever incident has happened is well behind them and that the country is trying to improve its lot by getting tourists back! Alternatively, there may be clear social signals that tourists will not be tolerated.

A relaxing break vs. an essential trip

The reasons for your travel are also a deciding factor. Are you going on holiday for a relaxing break? If the answer is yes, but there is still tension or turmoil at your destination, then you may well prefer to postpone your holiday until another time. If your trip is not essential, your presence may be considered inappropriate.

Checking your insurance and weighing up the options

Finally, you should check what your travel insurance covers. If you decide not to travel, can you get your money back? Although the decision whether to travel or not may be a moral one, you might find that in the face of losing a hefty chunk of savings, you’ll risk the journey anyway. Do make sure with your insurance provider that you will still be covered – but better still, make sure that you choose travel insurance that will protect you in the event of a disaster at your destination.

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