Fog of World Travel App Of The Month

Fog of World Travel App Of The Month Feb 2014!

Travellers, Explorers, World Conquerors… an app has arrived that is sure to heighten the experience of every adventure you set out upon! Meet Fog of World, the travel companion you’ll be glad you found!

What does it do?

In short, Fog of World is a GPS system that gradually uncovers different areas of the globe as you explore them! The map is covered in a thick layer of virtual fog, and with your phone in pocket you can see in one quick sweep how much of the world you’ve explored thus far. Whether it’s for your own personal gain or because your competitive nature can’t help but compare with friends, you’ll find this app immensely satisfying.

Additional features

In addition to a map of the world displaying your path, you can also see your achievements in more detail. The app cleverly displays progress bars for each continent so you can monitor how much of each location is left to be travelled! If you’re keen to know in greater depth exactly how much of a conqueror you truly are, you can view the continents one-by-one and see the km2 that you still have left to see, plus a flag checklist of your successfully visited countries. The map also uncovers itself road by road, so if you aren’t planning any lengthy adventures you can still check out your progress locally.

If, like the rest of us, you can’t help showing off to friends and family with postcards and holiday pictures, then you’ll also love the Achievements feature! Fog of World caringly monitors your travel progress and awards badges within the app for certain milestones, such as ‘Flying Man’ once you have visited five countries, and “Europe Star” for the dedicated Europe visitor who makes a whopping ten trips.

Fog of World Reviews

There are some impressive accolades for this wonderful travel app, although some users have commented on the fact that it takes up rather a lot more battery power than desired as the GPS system runs in the background.

“We don’t remember the last time we’ve run into an app that is as interesting as Fog of World” – Kevin Smith, Business Insider.

“This Fog of World app might be the funnest app I’ve seen in a long time” – Casey Chan, Gizmodo.

“Fog of World turns moving through your city and your world into a game of exploration. Just watch your battery! 8/10” – Paula DuPont, appstorm.

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