RingCredible App Review – Jan14 App of the Month

Going on holiday is very much an experience for you to enjoy, but half of the fun is getting to brag to all of your friends and family about it too! But with extortionate phone rates holding you back, sometimes letting your friends and family know what a good time you’re having can cost more than the holiday itself. 

Thankfully, RingCredible is here to help. This ingenious app relies on the power of internet connection to make calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide for minimal costs, and the app itself is completely free! No wonder it has won itself the award of January 2014’s Travel App of the Month.


What Does RingCredible Do?

RingCredible allows you to contact friends and family worldwide using an internet connection as opposed to your mobile service, which is renowned for being extremely expensive. It can be used with both 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, but it is reportedly much more successful with a Wi-Fi connection and also avoids the issues of data allowances too.

You’ll need to top up your account to make calls, but with prices as low as one pence per minute to countries all around the world, your balance is sure to last even longer than your tan will.

 Additional Benefits

  • All of your contacts are automatically available in the app, so calling through RingCredible is just as easy as making a standard call
  • Your name and number appear on the recipient’s phone as normal, so there won’t be any issues of people not answering due to withheld numbers or complicated messages
  • The app consumes very little battery, so you won’t find yourself in a charging predicament after using it
  • There are no advertisements, so your use won’t be disturbed by unwanted banners or pop-ups


RingCredible Reviews

Reviews on the Apple App Store are mixed, with some users saying it’s both brilliant and cheap, whilst some claim it didn’t save them any money at all.

A WordPress review from “The IT Nerd” found it to be reliable and have good connection and voice levels, and to be much more affordable than Skype or any other VoIP product.

It has ranked as the number one travel app in over 40 countries, and has gained an impressive one million users in the last six months.

Android users rated it a respectable 3.7 stars, with most recent reviews giving between four and five stars, which could be down to the improved version that was released mid-December.

Whether you’re contacting home to update friends on your tan, check up on your pets, or to make an important business call you forgot to make before you left, make sure you aren’t paying Barbados prices for a Benidorm experience! Why not give RingCredible a try and avoid unexpected call costs when you travel abroad. Have fun!


Download RingCredible for Android and iPhone.

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