Top Five Alternative Winter Sports Holiday Activities

It might be that you’ve out-and-out mastered the art of skiing and snowboarding, or perhaps quite the opposite, and you’re looking for a new sport to dip your snow boots into… whatever your reason, welcome to the world of alternative winter sports! We’ve compiled a top five list of ultra-exhilarating activities that give you the same rush of adrenaline, without the ski pass. Are you brave enough to tick them all off?


Calling all pooch lovers! This is the sport for you! Get your kicks on snowy excursions with a thrilling ride from a pack of beautiful huskies. Go soaring through stretches of uninterrupted white desert with the wind whipping away at your face, and experience the sheer strength of these amazing animals. But don’t be fooled — it’s not as effortless as it seems! Be prepared for sore arms in the morning.

Dog Sledding in Prince George British Columbia by Kris Krug

Dog Sledding in Prince George British Columbia by Kris Krug

And where can you go to experience this time-honoured mode of transport? We recommend Norway, the destination of choice for lovers of this sport.


If having your feet firmly on the ground seems oh-so-safe and ordinary, why not give snowkiting a go? All of the exhilaration of skiing with the added rush of a power kite to send you shooting off at super speeds. This daring sport gives you the feeling of being weightless, lifting you off the ground and allowing (for the braver sportsmen) the chance to do some awesome mid-air moves.

Eddy Zooming by Big Dubya

You’ll want to head over to the Northeastern USA to give this one a go.


Night Sledding

Why spend weeks perfecting the art of snowboarding when you can quite easily pop yourself on a sled and whizz off down the slopes almost effortlessly? Sledding (or tobogganing) is the number one winter sport for beginners. But if you’re looking to spice things up a little, try doing it at night. The slopes are flood-lit for your safety but the danger element is definitely present, which is what makes this sport so much fun.

Take a trip to Morzine-Avoriaz in France for a first rate night sledding experience, and you can even opt for a head torch rather than floodlights for the invigorating experience of a lifetime.


Broom Ball

If you’ve found yourself a little weary of putting yourself in constant danger, try getting your kicks from a sport that is played on flat ground. Broom Ball is the fun and fresh cousin of your normal game of ice hockey, but is played wearing special rubber shoes and with a ball not a puck.

This latest craze originated in Canada, but is spreading like wildfire through the USA, Europe, and beyond.


Broom Ball by Ed Schipul

Snow Rafting or Tubing

Those tantalising ski slopes are just begging to be soared down, so why not experiment with your equipment and give tubing ago! Similar to sledding, you go rushing down this compressed snow at high speeds, but with a rubber dinghy or doughnut underneath you instead – for minimal drag and maximum thrill! Gather your friends and descend in a pack, or take it solo and ride alone.

Although snow rafting is common throughout Europe, Switzerland seem to be leading the pack with some of the best slopes to give this a go on.


If you’re venturing off on a winter holiday this year, why not give one or more of these awesome sports a try? But always remember to wear a helmet and be safety-conscious, and make sure you’re fully insured so you can go adrenaline hunting worry-free.

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