Top Sri Lanka Surf Spots

Sri Lanka is well known for having some excellent locations for those who like to surf, and after watching Antoine & Edouard Delpero enjoying themselves, we thought it would be great to share the top surfing destinations in Sri Lanka with you, our lovely readers.

If you fancy re-enacting the fantastic footage where Antoine & Edouard Delpero take to the seas to test out some surfboards, hit the dusty roads in a tuk tuk and enjoy a good dose of local hospitality – check out our top surf destinations. Each one promises great beaches, friendly people and a bunch of fun guys on surfboards, maybe even Antoine & Edouard themselves!

 Top Sri Lanka Surfing Destinations

Whiskey Point (aka Wisky point)
Location: East
Accessibility: Public
Getting there:  It is recommended that you take a car, and then it is a short walk to the beach.
Suitability: for surfers of all levels
Wave Length: 50m
Wave Power: Fun-size
Dangers: None
Popularity:  This location is also relatively quiet – for now!

Unawatuna (aka Wella Devalaya)
Location: West
Accessibility: Public
Getting there: Tuk tuk or car – busses do not welcome surfboards
Suitability: only for experienced surfers
Wave Length: 50m
Wave Power: Powerful
Dangers: Beware of the rocks and urchins
Popularity:  Quiet

Location: South
Accessibility: Public
Getting there: Need to drive there, then it is a walk down the very long beach past the rock break
Suitability: Beginner
Wave Length: 50m to 500m
Wave Power: Pretty powerless, but lots of fun
Dangers: Only falling off your board
Popularity: A few surfers all week long

Coral Garden
Location: West
Accessibility: Public
Getting there: Easy to find, just in front of Coral Gardens Hotel in the City
Suitability: Pros or kamikaze only!
Wave Length: 50m to 150m
Wave Power: Super powerful
Dangers: Reef, coral and sharp rocks
Popularity:  Empty

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