Missed Flight Travel Insurance…

And how to find out more about airport delays!

With the Easter holidays firmly behind us, so is the potential of long travel delays and missed flights at airports. This doesn’t mean that travellers should become complacent though – as summer, believe it or not is only just around the corner – and the fun of getting to the airport or to your hotel on time begins all over again.


The fact is that despite the many deals out there – holidays are not cheap, so if you miss a flight or a night at a hotel through travel delays, it can make a holiday even more costly; and stressful – for everyone. That is one of the reasons that travel insurance was invented – to actually save you money if things do not go as planned.


There is no specific travel insurance for missed flights, but regular travel insurance should cover the cost of hotels and flights if the worst happens – BUT ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR POLICY PROVIDER FIRST! And do not be fooled when it comes to airline companies offering compensation for disrupted flights – the whole process is not as cut and dry as you think it should be, and often, they are not obliged to pay any compensation at all for flights, let alone hotels!


To find out whether there may be disruptions to your flight – we recommend checking out http://www.bbc.co.uk/travelnews/air and to find out how clear the journey ahead is to the airport, the Highways Agency offers up to the minute information for the whole of England http://www.highways.gov.uk/traffic/traffic.aspx


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