Wintersports and Ski Insurance Advice

If you are weighing up whether or not to take out wintersports or ski insurance, then take a moment to consider what the real cost might be if you don’t. The cost of travel insurance, with wintersports cover is negligible compared to the cost of medical bills abroad should you take a tumble – Imagine being faced with a medical bill of thousands of pounds knowing that for a little over £10 you wouldn’t have had to pay a penny. That is the equivalent of a couple of a post-piste drinks on the slopes.
It is all too common to hear that people have taken a risk, and gone on holiday without some sort of travel insurance, but when it comes to a winter getaway you’d be a fool not to take out ski insurance, which provides cover for a whole host of activities including snowboarding, ice skating and heliskiiing. Let’s face it – these are pastimes where you are more likely to push yourself to the limits and take a risk just for the thrill of it anyway. Our advice is that you make sure that they are the only risks you take on your winter holiday – not the one where you could lose yourself a lot of money by not having the right cover!

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