Top Tips For The Mature Solo Traveller


Travel Tips for Mature Solo Travellers

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If you are single, over 50, and want to travel the world, you will love these essential tips, guaranteed to ease the anxieties of travelling alone, and make your holiday more enjoyable! 

Spend Wisely

Travel off-peak when it is cheaper, but also be mindful of seasonal and extreme weather conditions for your own comfort and safety – you don’t want to get a cheap deal because you’re travelling during the monsoon for example!

Solo travellers should be aware of single rooms supplements – consider booking through a dedicated solo travellers website to make sure you aren’t paying over the odds just because you aren’t sharing your room!

Travel Lightly

Only take a few items with a view to doing washing while you are away, that way you can take a smaller bag. Using a suitcase with wheels will make lugging your luggage around much easier. A top tip from seasoned travellers is to invest in a luggage set so your hand luggage attaches to your suitcase making it easier to manoeuvre.

Stay Safe

Leave essential travel details with someone back home – insurance details, passport number etc. in case your property gets lost or stolen. Another good precaution is to take a pre-paid money card to avoid carrying too much cash with you. You should also make a note of the local emergency numbers and key phrases in the local lingo. Final safety tip: Update friends or relatives with your itinerary so they know where you planned to go should they worry about your whereabouts.

Don’t Ignore Health Issues

If you need medication, be sure to pack enough for the whole holiday and keep them in original packets to go through customs. It is wise to make a note of your medication’s generic name in case you need more while you are away. Other things to consider could be: backup batteries for hearing aids, a spare set of glasses. If you have mobility issues, notify your airline, cruise or tour operator well ahead of your travel date.

Work On Your Wellness

Stay hydrated to boost your energy levels and take regular short walks to aid circulation.If you are flying to your destination wear compression flight socks to reduce risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Is Accessibility An Issue?

Assess the accessibility of your accommodation – would steps be a problem, is it at the top of a hill? You should also consider the accessibility of the location – if you are out of town are you close to public transport? Another point to consider would be to tell a car hire company your age before you arrive in case they have limits. You could also consider staying at a resort that has everything you need to hand.

 Get The Right Insurance

Check that you have adequate travel insurance, as if you are over a certain age there may be limitations on standard policies, and age-related conditions may need specific cover. You should also make sure you understand what pre-existing conditions your insurer needs to be aware of. We actually specialise in offering holiday insurance for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions, and for the more mature traveller!

Travel With Other Mature Solo Travellers

No matter how mature you are, travelling solo can be a daunting experience, but it is in fact dining alone that causes the greatest anxiety. If this sounds familiar, consider booking a holiday where you can choose to socialise with other solo travellers without the fear of ending up on a dating-style “singles holiday”. Friendship Travel provide group dining in the evening, offering holidaymakers the feeling of safety, security and company alongside the freedom to be as sociable (or not) as you choose. One package that would appeal to the older solo traveller this summer is in Tsilivi, north of Zante town:

Friendship Travel has virtually exclusive use of a small hotel just 100 metres from the beach. Facilities include a swimming pool, bar and restaurant and a stroll of around 10 minutes leads to the heart of the resort. A seven-night holiday costs from £595 to £735 per person inclusive of return Gatwick flights, transfers, accommodation with breakfast, five evening meals, sole occupancy of a twin room and services of a Friendship Travel host. To find out more call Friendship Travel Reservations on: 0871 200 2035.


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