10 Quick Tips For Stress-Free Festive Travel

It’s that time of year again! Whatever your plans, mode of travel, or reasons for journeying, the chances are it is going to be a little stressful. Here are some Zen-inspired tips for beating the stress of travelling at Christmas.

A Very Merry Warmy Christmas by Suus Wansink

A Very Merry Warmy Christmas by Suus Wansink CC BY 2.0 

  1. Breathe! Take a breath in for the count of three, and out for the count of six. Repeat until calmness is restored.
  2. Make a list. Keeping an itinerary in your head will make your journey feel more hectic.
  3. Pack the day before. Leaving it until the last minute is no way to maintain a state of Zen.
  4. Check for delays. If you find out there are delays, pack something to keep you occupied while you wait.
  5. Charge your batteries. Leaving home with a phone that is about to die will not make your life easier.
  6. Pack a power pack. Just in case you leave the house without enough juice.
  7. Check your passport NOW. Last minute replacements are costly, and stressful!
  8. Take a snack. Hangry is a not a great attitude to pack on a long journey.
  9. Wear comfy clothes. Think soft, think layers, think stretchy and you can’t go far wrong.
  10. Take loose change. In the right currencies! That means packing Euros/Dollars/Yen etc… and GBP, so you aren’t left strapped for cash at either end of your journey. A cuppa may be cheap, but if you don’t have the change, your route to travel bliss could be well and truly blocked.