Eat Drink and Be Merry – Our Festival Survival Guide

Ok so we all know that we need to drink responsibly, avoid illegal substances and watch out for strangers at festivals – but it is traditionally a time of excess and exuberance for the young at heart. So what do you really need to know to survive the festival season this year?

Let’s find out!

Ant Freeman Soundwave Croatia 2010

From the ‘Soundwave Croatia 2010’ collection by Ant Freeman


  • Sun cream – just in case your wishful thinking pays off
  • Rain mac – or a roll of bin bags, great for makeshift waterproof festival gear
  • Wellies – people charge a fortune for them at a stall once the skies turn grey
  • Ear plugs – essential if you want ANY sleep, also good for protecting your ears if you like dancing near speakers
  • Condoms – you never know your luck (and you don’t want to catch something yuck)
  • Spork – trust us, a pack of these will get you a long way in festival heaven
  • Wet wipes – you aren’t going to feel fresh for a few days, but at least you’ll know your hands are clean
  • Loo roll – it WILL run out at a festival, guaranteed
  •  A flag – or something similar to attach to your tent so you can find your way back


OK Water – dehydration is very dangerous and when you have been drinking it is even more of an issue. PLUS if you are lucky enough to have sun during your festival the likelihood of dehydration is even greater. Make sure you pack plenty of water and take some fruit juice to water down for a bit of variation.

Ant Freeman Soundwave Croatia 2010

From the ‘Soundwave Croatia 2010’ collection by Ant Freeman



Find out what you can and can’t take into the camping area and the festival arena (these are likely to be different). Most places have banned glass bottles for safety reasons, and it is unlikely you can take spirits into a main arena area IF you are even allowed to take alcohol in.

Importantly make sure you keep your drink with you to avoid any nasty spiking incidents, oh and drink responsibly!


Liquid diets and festivals go hand in hand, but you must remember to eat – if not, your energy levels will be low, you will be less aware of any dangers around you and alcohol will have a rather nasty effect on your body; but enough of the negative side! This is the perfect opportunity to make the most of munching on the vast array of fast foods on offer to keep yourself ready to party!

Ant Freeman Soundwave Croatia 2010

From the ‘Soundwave Croatia 2010’ collection by Ant Freeman


Hmm, a muddy field amongst thousands of happy campers isn’t the most romantic place to hook up with a new flame, but if you are going to indulge, make sure you use a condom – you’ve no idea how many lucky people might have been part of that person’s pleasure fest already!


They are illegal, so you could get into a lot of trouble for being in possession of them, in addition to this, there are other potentially more serious risks involved – The NHS offer this information

“”Try not to mix drugs and drink as it will make you sick,” says Dr Howes. “If you’re a regular drug user, don’t take more than you’re used to.” You can also get sick and have bad reactions to “legal high” drugs. “People think these herbal pills are like taking a vitamin pill but they’re not,” says Deborah Rees, founder of the Safeconcerts website. “With herbal highs, people can get paranoid or have other nasty side effects.”


Don’t try and be more rock n roll than you really are. Stage diving is best left to the pro’s and don’t go on a bender and decide to ditch your well paid day job by phoning your boss there and then announcing that you are destined to be a professional face painter.


Just don’t take any. They are likely to get lost, broken or stolen. You are better off buying a cheap unlocked phone so you can keep connected – smart phones won’t last beyond the first festival day with their infamous battery life anyway.

Ant Freeman Soundwave Croatia 2010

From the ‘Soundwave Croatia 2010’ collection by Ant Freeman


Make sure you have some. It is important to exercise caution but be open to new experiences. it’s what festival season is all about. Funnily enough, the best way to have fun is by not getting so trashed you can’t remember anything (including where your tents is), and making sure you indulge in all the lovely food available. Get a bit of sleep on top of that and you’ll have a great time!

Ant Freeman Soundwave Croatia 2010

From the ‘Soundwave Croatia 2010’ collection by Ant Freeman

All Images Courtesy of Ant Freeman of FortyThree Photography

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