Travel Insurance
for travel to Amber or Red regions

UK residents:
The UK Government 'Traffic Light' system applies regulations when travelling to, and returning from, countries outside of the UK. To check the regulations applying to a country you are visiting, visit the Government information pages:

IMPORTANT: Most Travel Insurance policies will only be valid if you are NOT travelling against the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advice. You must check advice for any country you plan to visit before proceeding to purchase insurance.
A Country may be on the Green or Amber travel lists but still have FCDO advice against travel there, so it is essential that you keep up-to-date with any changing advice. For the latest FCDO advice: Travel Advice by Country
If you are visiting any country which the FCDO is advising against visiting due to Covid-19, you will need to purchase this policy using the link below.

non-UK residents:
This policy is suitable for travel outside of your Home Country, including to areas that may be subject to travel restrictions or advice, provided that these only relate to Covid-19. You should check your Goverment's travel advice before proceeding.

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Our Travel Insurance is suitable if:
  • You are a UK resident travelling within the next 30 days to an area that is on the UK Government's Red list, or is an Amber-listed country that is still subject to restrictions
  • You are a non-UK resident travelling outside of your Home Country
  • You are following regulations, both at home and at your destination, regarding Covid-19 testing and quarantine
  • You accept that there is no cover for claims relating to Covid-19 on this policy

This product is quoted and sold on an external website. Any discount code or special offers will not apply.

Benefits of our Travelcare Travel Insurance

  • Currency options
    Choose to buy in $USD, £GBP, and €Euro, with claims settled in your chosen currency
  • Flexibility
    Cover for just one trip or choose Annual insurance to cover several holidays or business trips throughout the year.
  • Choice
    Covers you against the high cost of medical treatment and emergency medical evacuation
    add Option 1: Enhanced Benefits, to cover you against losses to property, liability and accident that you may suffer whilst travelling abroad.
    add Option 2: Cancellation and Curtailment, to cover you if your trip is unexpected cancelled or you are forced to return home early.
  • Protection
    The more you travel, the greater the chance of a claim - even if it’s just a minor incident. Comprehensive Annual insurance is essential:the emotional and financial impact of illness or injury; baggage loss or theft; missed or delayed flights or a cancelled trip can be huge. Limit the risks with Annual Multi-trip travel cover from one of the UK’s most trusted insurance providers.
  • Many Sports & Activities covered
    A wide range of Sports and Activities are covered, including Wintersports.