Available to UK, EU & International residents.

Overseas Travel Insurance

A specialist long-term travel policy which can be bought by people who are already travelling. Whether you are usually resident in the UK, EU or Internationally, our travel insurance offers cover for trips up to 2yrs, starting wherever you are in the world until your return home.
Longstay Overseas Travel Insurance Longstay Overseas Travel Insurance Longstay Overseas Travel Insurance Longstay Overseas Travel Insurance Longstay Overseas Travel Insurance
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If your travel plans have changed and your current insurers are unable to alter or extend your policy, you will need flexible cover to take over the risk for the remainder of your trip. This travel insurance can not only do that, but can be extended any number of times if your plans change again. You can purchase cover for both leisure and working trips.

Purchasing travel insurance through Worldwide Travel Insurance means that you can enjoy the remainder of your trip with peace of mind.

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Benefits of buying the Globehopper Travel Insurance include:
  • Cover the rest of your trip up to 2yrs total travel period
  • Cover must be bought for the period until you return home, but can be extended if your travel plans change.
  • No upper age limit, although some limitations apply over 80yrs
  • Choose from 3 levels of cover
  • Pay in dollars, euros or pounds
  • Includes on-piste skiing
Why buy GlobeHopper Travel Insurance cover through worldwideinsure:
  • Globehopper is a UK-originated plan, regulated in the UK by the FCA with 'plain English' style wordings.
  • This policy is underwritten by IMG Europe
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance is a specialist in travel insurance and related products, with over 15yrs experience in offering high quality cover at great prices.
  • 24-hr assistance provided by IMG Europe claims team
  • All policies purchased online are emailed immediately.